Belonging to the World

Relationship and Ritual for the Heart of Grief

Next program cohort starts October 2nd, 2024

How do I make medicine of all this grief?

Our grief is a language exchange that flows within and between the wider field of living relations around us, seen and unseen. When we consciously enter into this relational reciprocity, we gift our heartbreak eloquence and expression in the world, and we allow our grief to be an offering to life, healing and wisdom.

For many, we have forgotten our place in this soulful and heart-full exchange due to dominant culture and supremacy in all its expressions within oppressed and oppressor experiences, past and ongoing.

We all have a birthright to connect with ritual skills, other-than-human relations, and ancestral practices in ways that are respectful and meaningful in our present-day life, and that support life-affirming grief expression towards dignity, right-relationship, and belonging.

In this course I will guide us into a framework of cross-cultural principles for grieving to explore the ecology of relationships, rituals and ancestral practices relevant to your own identity that support your grief as medicine. I will invite us into somatic and energetic presence practices that support each of our unique ways of metabolizing grief. We will nurture relationships with beings of land and plant kin while deepening our ritual skills of reciprocity to allow our grief to be an offering. I will invite us to explore connection to our ancestors through both spirit work and tangible research into ancestrally relevant grieving practices. I will offer a map and considerations for supporting the rite of passage of death and bereavement. And we will nurture our grief as an invitation into belonging and possibility towards healing, relational reciprocity, and connection to the world.


I have learned so much; from particular somatic practices to guidelines for creating a ritual sequence, I have been able to deepen into my own relationship with grief and to weave these teachings into my own offerings. I also loved the opportunity to deepen into my relationships with land, plant kin, elements, and spirit guides. And beyond particular lessons, I was simply touched and changed by your guidance, your wisdom, your spirit and essence.

Laura Johnson


Shauna's classes are a balm every week that invite new realms of healing and connection that one cannot anticipate until they emerge from within the container of her skilled and humble guidance. I would like to be in her courses always, as a way to stay human.

Jenna Knapp

When is the course?

October 2nd to November 27th. Live calls convene Wednesdays, 4:00pm pacific time.

Students will have access to the course content for 3 months afterwards.

How is this program structured?

Pre-Recorded Weekly Lessons

Each lesson consists of video teachings, guided practices, reflection questions, and additional resources for deepening your skills and explorations.

Weekly Live Calls - Wednesdays at 4pm pacific (7pm eastern)

Each week there will be a 75 minute Live Call via Zoom to engage in the content released in the pre-recorded lesson from the week before. This is a time to bring your questions and to be in group discussion and experiential ritual practice.

I highly recommend prioritizing the weekly live calls, as this is where the content comes alive in a relational field of learning and ritual practice.

Live calls will be recorded for later playback.

What will I receive?

  • Over 9 hours of video/audio lesson content
  • Over 11 hours of live weekly experiential practice and discussion via Zoom
  • Guided visioning, reflections and/or ritual practices each week
  • Additional resources for each lesson to explore further if you choose
  • Access to the content for 3 months after the course ends

Shauna is a deeply reverent, resourced facilitator through grief. The space she creates for exploration and expression is filled with wisdom and respect for participants and what they bring to the material. This course provided me with a cross-cultural map and structure of grief and grieving, and I wove my own lineage and experience into this infrastructure, which allowed me space to move through my process freely as she illuminated the path.

Katie Poinier

Will the content be relevant to me?

I welcome folks who are navigating personal, ancestral and/or collective loss. All grief is embraced and welcomed here, and will be met by the skills we are learning and practicing.

I welcome folks of diverse ancestries, faith-based and cultural traditions, and lived experiences. This course is a queer-celebrating, trauma-informed, anti-oppressive, and culturally-inclusive framework focused on offering you a pathway to deepen into your own grief practices as relevant to your identity and current social location.

Please note: I offer a brave space for folks of diverse backgrounds and lived experiences (race, gender, class, etc) coming together to be in grief practice and cultural change work that acknowledges differences in power, privilege, and dominant cultural impacts.

The demographic of folks who participate in my offerings have so far been: majority (80%) racialized as white, across an age range of 20's-60's, of diverse genders, diverse queer identities, diverse neuro-typical, neuro-divergent and disabled experiences, and across a span of socio-economic backgrounds.

Please reach out if you have any questions or want to talk about this more to discern if this course will meet you well. I am happy to connect with you in this way.

Are there prerequisites?

Prior experience with your own grief work and a willingness to engage in self-reflection and self-inquiry around your own experiences of loss/transition/grief is an important aspect of this learning experience. Having experience and a personal practice in relating to spirit ones or ancestors is also helpful.

It is important to also have your own support systems in place (family, professionals, friends, care practices, community, etc) that help keep you resourced and centered when needed.

Is this course the same as a therapeutic grief circle or grief ritual?

No. This is an educational program based in guidance, invitational ritual practices and self-inquiry within a group learning setting (live calls). This course offers therapeutic and ritual healing value and opportunities for personal sharing of your learning experiences, however it is not designed as an intimate witnessing circle for a personal healing process.

**Please note: If you are currently experiencing acute grief from a recent loss, I recommend having a counselor/therapist that you are already receiving individualized support from. In the immediacy of loss, your grief experience may need a personal attuned care and presence in addition to what the scope of this course offers.

Shauna has an amazing ability to present multi-layered and complex material to participants with various levels of experience, and at the same time, always make everyone seen and received and included.

Bernard Leplante

What does this course cover?

Welcome - Ritual Opening Circle

Lesson 1 - Cross-Cultural Principles for Grieving

  • Exploring relational and ritual perspectives
  • Rooting into somatic presence practices

Lesson 2 - Energetic Presence & Grief Expression

  • Grief as an energetic reality
  • Three centers for metabolizing grief

Lesson 3 - Partners in Grief

  • Connection to land and animist relationships
  • Relational consent and reciprocity

Lesson 4 - Ritual Skills

  • Ritual as birthright and language
  • Self-designed grief rituals

Lesson 5 - Ancestral Wisdoms

  • Ancestral connection and support
  • Exploring ancestral ritual elements

Lesson 6 - Elder Wisdom

  • Meeting with an Elder guide
  • Relational ecology of ancestral support

Lesson 7 - The Rite of Passage of Death

  • Death journey and grief ritual support
  • Needs of deceased and needs of bereaved

Lesson 8 - Grieving towards Belonging

  • Gateways of grief into an ethic of living
  • Grief as initiation, vocation and collective healing

Shauna works with a wealth of practical, innovative and creative ways with our difficult stories, ever directing us to the realities of the world around us and as well to its deep, beautiful, sustaining potential for connectedness. What a blessing.

Ani Arnott

Learning - this course is a mixture of video lessons, live Zoom calls with closed captioning available, audio guided meditations, written content, and downloadable PDF handouts.

If you have any accessibility needs, please reach out and let's explore what could make this an easeful experience for you. Thank you.

Financial Reciprocity

This program is offered on a sliding scale which acknowledges folks' different access to resources within an inequitable capitalist system, and is offered within a commitment to economic justice and community care.

I invite you to read my Financial Access Commitments to learn about why and how I do this, and to review a more comprehensive framework to help you discern which pricing tier to choose given your financial situation and access to resources.

Two-part payment plans are available for all tiers at no additional cost.

Pay it Forward - $630 USD ($70/week)

You have access to wealth, can pay for this course without much financial consideration, and have the ability to pay a little extra to directly support someone else who needs financial access options to participate.

Program Cost - $540 USD ($60/week)

You have access to reliable income, and/or own property/mortgage, and/or are paying at the higher end of rental, and/or are in a double-income home, and/or have personal savings/investments. You are able to pay for ‘wants’ and spend little time worried about securing necessities in your life, such as housing, food, transportation.

Reduced Cost - $400 USD ($44/week - limited available)

You have access to income that allows you to meet your basic needs, you may have some expendable income, and/or have access to resources through family/partners to request support from. You may need to budget or cut back in some other areas to make this program happen, but it won't cause any long-term harmful impact on your life.

Sponsored Cost - $180 to $360 USD ($20 to $40/week - limited available)

Your access to resources and income stability is limited, and meeting your basic needs is stressful and inconsistent. Paying at any of the higher tiers would have a harmful impact on you.

I prioritize BIPOC, LGBTQI+ and disabled folks in financial need for the sponsored spots. Please reach out directly to shaunajanz-at-gmail-dot-com to request this and let me know what financial reciprocity amount you can pay between $180-$360 and I will enrol you.


I am happy to offer a full refund within the first 2 weeks of the program start (the Intro and Lesson 1 will have been released). After that, no refunds are issued.

This course is closed for enrollment.

About my approach in this program.

The content and practices that I guide in this course are an outgrowth of over 15 years of offering therapeutic grief support in diverse settings for diverse losses, over 10 years of offering community healing rituals, over 5 years of offering individual and group ancestral healing rituals, and an ongoing commitment to decolonial ancestral reclamation, personally and professionally.

The embodiment approaches that I guide for grief ritual work are rooted in my 15 years of offering trauma-informed support and facilitation, and from the growing field of somatics and nervous system regulation, from teachers such as Linda Thai, Patti Elledge and NARM. The energy-body and ritual approaches that I guide are embedded in learning directly and indirectly from many teachers, some including: Francis Weller, Malidoma Some, Martin Prechtel, Betsy Bergstrom, Maris Bergrune, Carly Forest, Healing Pathways, Ancestral Medicine, Marion Woodman and Jungian psychoanalysis. My program are all deeply informed by my relationship to my elder guiding ancestors and spirit partners, and as an outgrowth of 20 years of spiritual contemplative practice and study.

I consider myself a life-long learner and as an educator and ritualist my aim is to bridge accessible skills and approaches towards embodied relationships and ritual in grieving. The scope of what I offer is not towards gaining expertise, but towards invitations for a living embodied ritualized life that embraces grief as love, as relationship, and as a pathway to liberation.

To learn more about me, please visit this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
Starts Wednesday October 2nd with the opening welcome call, and ends Wednesday November 27th with the last teaching call for lesson 8.
How long do I have access to the course?
You will have access to the course content and all the recorded lessons and live call for an additional 3 months after the course ends (until Feb 28th 2025).
What if I am unhappy with the course?
If you are unhappy with the quality or content of the course, I would appreciate hearing from you to see if we can find a way to make it more useful for you. Otherwise, I am happy to offer a full refund for the first two weeks (the Intro, and Lesson 1 will have been released). Any refund requests after this date will be based on a conversation and discernment of fair reciprocity for value of content already delivered. If something changes in your schedule, I am happy to transfer your enrolment to the next cohort offering.
Are there pre-requisites to enroll in this course?
I recommend taking Coming Back to Ourselves - Embodiment and Culture in Grieving, as it sets up the foundations from which this course Belonging to the World then continues to build on. However, this is not a mandatory requisite. Prior experience with your own grief work and a willingness to engage in self-reflection and self-inquiry around your own experiences of loss/transition/grief is an important aspect of this learning experience. Having some prior experience in relating to spirit ones or ancestors is also helpful. It is important to also have your own support systems in place (family, professionals, friends, self-care practices, community, etc) that help keep you resourced and centered when needed.
What if I can't make all the live calls?
It is not expected that you would be able to attend all the live calls, however these live calls are a significant part of the learning and integration of the ritual skills and content. Please prioritize them. These will be recorded for playback. I also welcome you to email me any questions that are arising for you.
What if I am experiencing acute grief over a recent loss?
If you are currently in active grieving over a recent loss, I recommend reaching out to me so we can discuss if this is the right timing for this course and what would best meet your needs. While the content will invite personal reflection and rituals to support you, it is aimed towards exploring grieving skills within ancestral contexts, rather than offering grief support catered to a specific loss. Acute grief often needs individual attuned responses in addition to what this course will offer.