Sacred Grief

Nurturing Healing and Wholeness In Ourselves, Between One Another, and With Life

Welcome to Sacred Grief - a place of healing, learning, practice, and community.

Here you will find online offerings dedicated to supporting yourself and others through difficult life experiences with dignity. Here you will find an invitational embrace of grief as a form of intimacy which expands our hearts and, when tended to with care, deepens our capacity to remain responsive and in relationship with all life around us. Here you will find grief as a companion in navigating the 'not knowing' and as a guiding expression of love towards personal growth and cultural change.

Sacred Grief offerings are trauma-informed, somatics-based, anti-oppressive and rooted in animism and decolonizing values. Sacred Grief is anchored in the resiliency of the human spirit. In the sentiments of Roshi Joan Halifax, Sacred Grief is about creating a collective community that has been deeply humanized by grief.

Thank you for being here.


There must be those among whom we can sit down and weep, and still be counted as warriors. ~ Adrienne Rich

The best decision is that all grief be turned into life-promoting
grief-based beauty and usefulness.
~ Martin Prechtel

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We are the glorious manifestation of the power of the universe. We are the fingertips of the force that drives the stars, so do your job and FEEL. ~ Tanya Tagaq

A little about me

My name is Shauna Janz (she/her) and I am the founder of Sacred Grief. My ancestors are northern European from the lands of Scots Celtic, Germanic and Nordic cultures. On my fathers side, my people are recent immigrants by way of Poland and Ukraine, and on my mothers side, my people are early colonial-settlers to Turtle Island. I strive to embody and work from a place that understands my own historical and current privileged social location as a cis-gendered queer woman with lineages of both colonial settler and refugee experiences.

For over a decade I have been facilitating individual, family, organizational and community grief support & ritual, trauma-informed education, group process, and more recently, ancestral re-connection and healing. I recognize people in their energetic and holistic selves - mental, emotional, physical, social, cultural, and spiritual - and as embedded in the wider field of the other-than-human world.

My work has mainly been focused in my local community of Victoria, British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada; unceded territory of the ancestral and current-day Coast Salish people. I travel nationally and internationally to lead capacity-building for community grief support and ritual. It is a pleasure to now be extending my offerings here online.

I am also a trainer and mentor with BC Bereavement Helpline; and have been a teacher and mentor with Ancestral Medicine; the executive and education director with Learning Through Loss; founder of the Victoria Holistic Death Care Gatherings; and co-visionary for the annual Deathly Matters conference. I am a somatic intuitive who finds sacred communion through music, dance, and singing; a practitioner of the Old Norse oracular tradition of seiĆ°r; and award-nominated singer-songwriter.

If you are seeking to bring capacity-building workshops to your business team, organization or community (in-person or virtual options), please visit my website and be in touch. Otherwise, please meander the offerings here, and I hope to see you.


You cannot "fix" the world, but you can take part in its self-healing. Healing wounded relationships within you and between you is integral to the healing of our world.

~ Joanna Macy

What others are saying about Sacred Grief offerings

  • Shauna is a master at holding space. It is very easy to relax and trust and drop into the process with her in the lead. She is also brilliant and highly intuitive, so her responses and guidance around questions and comments are always bang on. And that includes encouraging us to follow what feels right. She is strong on safety. And she brings lots of humor. The healing work I've been doing with her over the past year has had a huge impact on my life. Mary McAlister, The Base Healing Community
  • Shauna is a gifted and balanced teacher. Her practical, grounded yet deeply intuitive nature allowed everyone in our group to relate to her in their own way, and she held our ritual container with such safety and support. I feel blessed to have had her as a leader in this work!
    ~ MT
  • Shauna was an awesome facilitator with amazing empathy, patience, intuition, and compassion. Grateful to have learned from her. Marlene Torvonen, Nanaimo Hospice
  • Shauna you are a true facilitator. Thank you for your gift of space-holding, your knowledge and experience, your ability to genuinely include everyone in such a graceful and uplifting way. It was such an honor to be a part of this course, and each person contributed valuable insights; a sense of community naturally emerged. Sally Ross, Healing Practitioner
  • Shauna is a master at creating a safe space in which to explore and heal the difficult emotions, those which our culture and society typically encourage us to avoid or bury. Thank you for the work you do, Shauna, it is so important. Lori Race, Mandala Health Center
  • I felt instantly welcomed by Shauna's warm presence and her approach to supporting others through grief is refreshing and much needed on our society. With so many helpful takeaways, I feel more more prepared to support others. Amber Rowse-Robinson, Volunteer
  • The depth of community building, vulnerability, and safe ritual container in such a short time blew me away. I learned more than imagined due to the exceptional communication skills and balance of the intuitive and cognitive. Shauna's skill as a facilitator and ritualist is unparalleled" - Ash Schoep, Climate Change & Consciousness

Becoming skillful at digesting our grief makes us a source of
reassurance and stability for the wider community.

~ Francis Weller

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